SEO Myth of 2014 Should leave Behind

on Monday 5 January 2015

Myth #1

Setting up Google Authorship can increase my search visibility & clickthrough rates.

Myth #2

I must submit my site to Google.

Myth #3

More links are better than more content.

Myth #4

Having a secure (HTTPS encrypted) site isn’t important for SEO.

Myth #5

SEO is all about ranking.

Myth #6

Meta descriptions have a huge impact on search rankings.

Myth #7

SEO is something I can hand off to IT.

Myth #8

Keyword optimization is THE key to SEO.

Myth #9

Keywords need to be an exact match.

Myth #10

The H1 is the most important on-page element.

Myth #11

My homepage needs a lot of content.

Myth #12

The more pages I have, the better.

Myth #13

Local SEO doesn’t matter anymore.

Myth #14

Microsites and other domains I own that link or redirect back to my site will help my SEO.

Myth #15

Google will never know if I have bad sites linking to me.

These all are the points doesn't matter directly in SEO more or less recommended to keep up to date .