Digital Marketing Trends to Increase Return on Investment

on Thursday 16 April 2015

The use of electronic devices, such as smart phones, cell phones, game consoles, computers, personal computers, tablets and TV to engage audience to take interest in the products or services is called digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the most convenient and cost effective ways to do marketing now-a-days. To gain maximum return on investment and to make it efficient, you must understand certain digital marketing strategies or trends.

The following digital marketing trends will surely help you out taking right steps in business.

Social Media:

Today, social media plays a vital role. Reputable firms are now more interested in applying analytics to social media in the hope of reaching goals in the most efficient way. Always ask the experts before experimenting unless you know how social media can make different in achieving your business goals.  

Mobile Marketing:  

Tablets and smart phones have taken the mobile world by storm. These devices have made dramatic changes from simple text messaging to richer experience. It is the advertiser who plays key role in figuring out translating the desktop experience to smart phone and tablet.

Track Complaints & Protect Reputation:

Big companies are now focusing more on what is doing the round. If something important is making news or something is said about them online. It has been observed that reputable marketers follow up the complaints and mend them immediately before they become viral.

Email Ad Sending:

Email ad sending is growing day by day. It is further anticipated to increase by ten per cent in next four to five years. At the same time, companies will focus on analytics to maintain not only targeting campaigns, but also customer relationship management. But understanding mobile marketing will make email more valuable. 

Content is King:

There is no denying the fact that content is the king. High quality and unique content is inevitable when you want to make undisputed online presence. On the other hand, social media’s development or growth comes with high demand of quality content. Just maintaining a twitter feed or a Facebook page does not help much unless you give authentic reason to customers to visit you there. A relevant content catches the attention. This has compelled brands to concentrate on engaging post that carries rich content.

Content Curation Tools:

Curation of content is surely a vital digital marketing trend for optimizing pages of social media, thus indulging customers. Content curation tools help manage micro and visual content, making the highest impact.