Digital India: A Revolution for Evolution

on Saturday 30 January 2016

The Government of India has embarked on an ambitious journey of connecting whole of India on a digital platform. A complex initiative that is bound to transcend the traditional ‘Hiccups’ and lead India into a more digitally empowered society. It is a nine-pillar program with clear vision that promises to digitize each citizen of India in the coming times. The e-governance which we keep on listening will become a reality which would in turn smoother the tedious government processes and we will get rid of long queues and unending delays. 

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This is one of the key aspects of this initiative by which many problems are bound to solve within a click of a button. This is a very first effort by the government of India to communicate with its own citizens digital communication is the simplest and the easiest form of communication.

In India it has always been a challenge to communicate freely with the government so via this initiative other than communicating government is planning for a larger scale of integration where rural and urban barriers will disappear. The stark reality is that our rural population is still untouched by the pace at which India is growing so this scheme will serve as an escalator where everyone is at a same pace. Now the time has come to gather such a pace and once gathered no one can stop India to become a superpower.

Yes! you are reading it right SUPERPOWER!

Google Taking Down Few of The Search APIs

on Wednesday 20 January 2016

Few Days Back Google has announced that more than three year older few of the search APIs will be not available after February 2015 onward quoted on Google official blog .here is the list of those APIs

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  • Google Patent Search API 
  • Google News Search API 
  • Google Blog Search API
  • Google Video Search API
  • Google Image Search API

These APIs were live and working for more than three years of time span .
Furthermore alternative for these APIs you may try out  Custom Search API . 

Whatsapp is Free & More Useful - No subscription Fees

on Tuesday 19 January 2016
Say Cheese! WhatsApp is free and more useful

Whatapp, most popular messaging app, I guess there are almost none,who have not used Whatsapp. An instant messaging app keeps you abreast with all developments under the irrespective of place and time.

Fast,Simple & Reliable 
Folks, here is some great news to share with you all.

WhatsApp will no longer charge subscription as presumably this was one of the biggest tension of someone`s lyf since lyf comes to a halt when we don`t receive WhatsApp messages.

The Company, now under the aegis of Facebook, has recently announced this news instead WhatsApp is planning to give more pleasant experience and trying to lend you a more simpler life than ever , by testing new tool being developed by the company that would communicate with business and organizations that you want to hear from. That could mean communicating with your bank about whether a recent transaction was fraudulent,or with an airline about a delayed flight.

Top Technology Blogs on Web

Searched For

Then I found 926 million results but most of the lists are not relevant technology blogs.So here is the list of manually verified technology Blog.
  • Technology Tips
  • Google Apps & Gadget
  • Jugaad Technology , Psychology & Mental well being
  • About : Technology blog advise on which gadgets are worth your money and time.
  • About : Online Tech Magazine
  • "technically savvy, up-to-date, and more fun"
  • Techs for the way we live
  • News, events, groundbreaking research and perspective on technology innovation
  • Hackaday serves up Fresh Hacks Every Day from around the Internet.
  • Cyber crime and other Internet security topics.
  •  All latest cool gadgets
  • wordpress & Themes
  • Emerging technology on business, marketing, and culture
  • Android and iPhone, Windows Phone news
  • iPhone, iPad, Android App Reviews And Tech News
  • Open source and product design
  • Windows Server, System Center, Virtualization, Cloud Etc.
  •  Tech News , Tutorial & Analysis

Free Do Follow Social Bookmarking Websites 2016

on Saturday 16 January 2016
Here is the list of do follow high PR social bookmarking websites to bookmark your web page or blog.

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                    Website                                                               Global Alexa Rank

1.                                                                 1

2.                                                                                30

3.                                                                                      32

4.                                                                                   41

5.                                                                                        2554

6.                                                                                            1819

7.                                                                                6692

8.                                                                                        2055

9.                                                                                                  1027

10.                                                                                       3749

11.                                                                                    2664

12.                                                                                     2974

13.                                                                             6410

14.                                                                                          17636

15.                                                                                     5357

16.                                                                              3434

Basic SEO Questions to be asked before hiring an SEO Consultant .

on Friday 15 January 2016
Again SEO is something where we cannot fix the parameters permanently and follow them for a long time to give a stability to our ranking (SERP), because most of the ranking factors depends on algorithm update and we cannot avoid them.As our all strategy towards the website in terms of SEO should be based on these updates and guidelines.

So its totally volatile in nature but still we can have a list of questions to ask before hiring any expert.

Normally whenever we are about to hire or finalize any SEO expert we should ask these questions, to evaluate the candidate proficiency, here is the list .

  1. What do you understand by SEO ?
  2. Why do the SEO is so important for a website ?
  3. what are your favourite SEO tools
  4. What are some of your most successful SEO projects
  5. How do you optimize a web page? 
  6. What is a robots.txt file?
  7. What is the X-Robots tag? 
  8. What is an .htaccess file and how do you use it? 
  9. What is a rel canonical?
  10. What is noindex, nofollow? 
  11. When do you use robotx.txt, a rel canonical and a noindex nofollow?
  12. Is case important for meta tags?
  13. What is the nositelinksearchbox meta tag?
  14. What is the notranslate tag? 
  15. What are 404 errors?
  16. What is 200 ok status means
  17. what is redirects and when do you use these, 301 & 302 redirect?
  18. Have you used Screaming Frog tool?
  19. How often you ranking in a month and how do you check ?
  20. You are Google Analytics Certified ?
  21. What will you do if u saw a client got a spike in 404 errors in the Google search console?
  22. How would you test to see how Google can see content on a page?
  23. What would you do to get a page indexed quickly?
  24. What are directory structures and subdomains and how are they important for SEO?
  25. What is https, how do you switch to https and why is it important for SEO?
  26. What are all the manual penalties for a website by Google?
  27. How would you handle 1,000 new links pointing at your website with commercial anchor text?
  28. What are all the algorithmic updates released by Google?
  29. How do you recover from a penalty like unnatural link penalty ?
  30. What is a disavow file and how do you create it ?
  31. How do you send out a link takedown request? 
  32. What are the five types of website models?
  33. What are the most common page speed issues?
  34. What are mobile usability errors and how do you fix them?
  35. What is Keyword cannibalization?
  36. When do you use the rel="canonical" tag?
  37. What do rel prev/next tags do?
  38. What are all the types of sitemaps?
  39. How do you find broken external links pointing at your website?
  40. What would you do to optimize a website purely in Ajax or JavaScript?
  41. What is a server header checker?
  42. What are good links for SEO?
  43. What is the difference between absolute and relative URLs?
  44. What is a hreflang tag?
  45. What is Unicode/UTF-8 & why does that matter to Google?
  46. What is the refresh meta tag and why is it not recommended?
  47. How can you use user agent and IP location detection to improve UX?
  48. How do you optimize for Google video search?
  49. What is a Google product feed?
  50. What are the attributes of a product feed?
  51. How do you optimize for Google news?
  52. What is Google news publisher center?
  53. Can Google news crawl PDF files?
  54. Does Google require a Google news sitemap?
  55. What are the Google news standout tags and keywords tags? How are they different ?
  56. Do you know the tools like SEM Rush, SpyFu, Majestic and Moz . And how they are different from each other ?

Hope this list will be helpful for interviews ..Answers for all the listed question will be published in separate post. 

35 Free Blog Submission websites

Here is list of top 35 Verified blog submission websites :

Google Algorithm Update 2016 - Core Search Ranking Update

on Wednesday 13 January 2016

The recent confirmation given by Google on the adoption of the panda algorithm as a part of Google's core ranking algorithm have flustered us.There are serious doubts arising out of the dubious statement issued by Google on twitter that although Panda is incorporated in the core algorithm but it is not real time.The exact connotation is still vague.As of now we just can take the statement as it is..

Jennifer Slegg posted a Panda guide that was vetted by Google's PR team,and Part of that included a statement that said Panda is now part of Google's core ranking algorithm. Here is that statement:

Panda is an algorithm thats applied to sites overall and has become one of our core ranking signals. It measures the quality of a site, which you can read more about in our guidelines. Panda allows Google to take quality into account and adjust ranking accordingly.

Google Confirms: Core Search Ranking Update Took Place But Not Penguin Related

On twitter Google have confirmed on Friday that a core ranking algorithm update, it was expected that most awaited penguin update but the signs did not pointing to penguin.It is more related with panda or core search. You may check your ranking where you can see the impact, However we can term this as a core update which a part of quality assessment.

Gary Illyes from Google confirmed the authenticity of this quote.

Furthermore: Just to be clear, Gary Illyes from Google updated us on Twitter  saying the Panda Core update stuff here is not real time. 

will Keep posted on further development on this by digital community .